Ania Janiga

"Intuitive spontaneity, where mistake, chance, and emotion play an essential role in the creation of fine jewellery"

I create jewellery that is aesthetically and physically imposing and cannot be limited to the function of mere accessory. Rather, it registers as a primordial element of clothing, a decorative object that demands to be seen, the purpose of which is to attract attention and render singular the person wearing it.

It is the materials I work with that inspire me, that dictate the form, that shape the conception of each new broach, necklace or ring.

I work instinctively and intuitively, letting myself be guided by the raw material, its energy, its vibrations, its warmth or coolness.

It is this sensation of ever-present surprise, the impatience of seeing the final result, that fascinates me in my work and translates into such diversity of my creations, the uniqueness of each piece.


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